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For Students
Beijing is the epicenter of culture and higher education in China with higher year-over-year enrollment in Universities and Colleges from not only local students, but international students as well. An increasing trend in Beijing is for overseas students to attend the finest education institutions in China like Peking University and Tsinghua University for mandarin courses. Students from around the world are finding it increasingly useful to learn mandarin for better career and business opportunities in the future. This is why our homestay programs have been so successful and useful to students studying in China. Not only can we offer more affordable housing but we give students the opportunity to practice and learn mandarin at a faster pace than most and to experience the true culture of China.

For Travelers
A number of travelers today wish to explore the world on a more adventurous scale. Hotels, hostels or bed and breakfasts are the more traditional accommodation styles with, of course, more current prices. If you plan to stay in Beijing/China for more than one week, these traditional forms of accommodation may not be suitable for you. With so much to see and do in China, a better option may be the family homestay which gives you the freedom to travel and often offers the same comforts as a private apartment.

Teaching English
The family homestay program is an excellent way for host families to gain exposure to different cultures and learn English in a cost effective way. Private English lessons in China are very expensive and are typically afforded only to those more privileged students.
If you join us today at, you can help a family get started on their path to English education. Lessons are very informal and are mostly oral in nature. We only require our guests to help the family with 1 hour of oral lessons per day for a total of 7 hours weekly. This is a great time for guests and hosts to learn language skills from one another and also a great time to forge special bonds.

Many of our guests do inquire about meal options while living with a homestay family. Typically, our plans do not include any meals with the host family because we find that most guests are not familiar with or used to the daily diet of the local Chinese. There are exceptions however as we have had guests that do enjoy the local diet and do eat their meals with their respective homestay families. We find that meals for local Beijingers and Chinese overall have shifted significantly over the last few years to diets rich in meat and protein and even bread products.
Meals with the family can be arranged - please notify our staff if you require this service

Nearly all of the properties that we recruit for our homestay host families have the usual amenities of a typical home dwelling such as modern washroom and kitchen, air conditioning, television, water heater for showers, broadband internet, heating, laundry machine, refrigerator and microwave.
Note: cannot guarantee that all homestay residences will be fully equipped with all the amenities listed nor can we fully guarantee the quality of the dwelling.

For a typical 1 bedroom homestay guest, our prices start at 1000 RMB/Month (not including meals). We find that prices for homestays range significantly depending on location in the city (ie. Close to subway line, close to schools, close to city center, close to tourist sites). For homestays in good locations with modern amenities, the prices can reach up to 3000-4000 RMB/Month (not including meals).
Contact us directly for more information to get a more direct quote customized around your budget and location preference.

Other Benefits of Homestay
There are many other benefits to family homestay programs besides monetary value. Our experiences indicate that guests who stay with a family are better able to adapt to the local Chinese lifestyle. We also find that for guests visiting who require help in communicating to others can seek help from the family in times of need or emergency. Living with a homestay family can provide a guest with a real sense of warmth and comfort when traveling far away from home.

Click Here For Our Newest Homestay Families.

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