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Beijing Roast Duck 北京烤鸭
There are two things that you must do when visiting Beijing: One is to enjoy the roast duck and the other is to take a stroll on the Great Wall. There is no set order in which to do these things but a walk on the Wall is sure to whet your appetite for the duck! There is nothing quite like a perfectly roasted duck with bronzed crispy skin and tender succulent meat. There are literally dozens of restaurants that serve this famous dish, but perhaps the best known are Quanjude and Bianyifang. Quanjude roasts their ducks over burning wood while Bianyifang roasts its ducks using radiant heat from the oven walls. It is sliced into about 120 pieces and served with plum sauce, fresh spring onions and pancakes.

Pianyifang Beijing Duck 便宜坊北京烤鸭店(哈德门店)
On 3rd floor, New World Shopping Mall or Hademen Hotel at Chongwenmenwai St.

Quanjude Beijing Duck
East and south of Hepingmen Subway Station.

Dadong Roast Duck
West and south of Dongsishitiao Subway Station.1-2/F, Nanxincang Int'l Building, A22, Dongsishitiao,

Beijing Home Style 家常菜
The majority of Chinese restaurants in Beijing feature what is known as 'home style dishes' (Jia Chang Cai), which are basically the most common types of food that any self-respecting Chinese can make at home. These dishes are usually a combination of the spicy Sichuan style and the more hearty Shandong style.

Xiaowangfu Restaurant 小王府饭馆
Guanghua St. Near the World Trade Centre.

Hua Jia Yi Yuan 花家怡园花家店
West of Dongzhimen Subway Station

Beijing Folk Food
Beijing folk food mainly is the Beijing Snack. These dishes emanate from many different cuisines, but the Chinese Muslim influence is the most apparent. There are probably 200 varieties of snacks in Beijing including Quick-Fried Tripe (Bao Du); Pot-stewed Tripe (Luzhu); Bean Soup (Dou Zhi) and Sweet Cake (Tang Huo Shao).

Old Beijing Noodles 老北京炸酱面
Beijing Business Centre, north of Chongwenmen Apartments.

Shuihu Folk Food 水浒记酒家
At Liulichang Culture Street, south of Hepingmen Apartments.

Sichuan Spicy Food

Sichuan Cuisine, also known as Chuan cai, tastes hot and spicy from the use of hot peppers and strong seasonings. Boiled Fish and Stir-fried Bean Curd in Hot Sauce are the most famous dishes from Sichuan. Chuan cai is also a well liked cuisine in China and the restaurants dealing with Sichuan Cuisine are everywhere to be seen. True Sichuan style restaurants have a special type of tea called Eight Treasures Tea. This tea is poured from a kettle with a yard-long spout, which the server wields skillfully.

Sichuan Restaurant 四川饭店
Outside the Prince Gong's Mansion.

Jinshancheng Hot pot 金山城
On 3rd floor, New World Shopping Mall at Chongwenmenwai St.

Yunnan Food

Yunnan foods are mostly spicy. Famous types of Yunnan food include OVER BRIDGE RICE NOODLES and STEAMER CHICKEN. Yunnan mashrooms are very popular too. Local Yunnan Cuisine, though not yet well known in the West, is one of the best regional eating experiences in China.

S’Silk Road 茶马古道
19 Lotus Lane, Shichahai, Houhai

Taiwanese Food
Light, sweet dishes that use ginger and basil. Includes seafood, small dishes and snacks.

Bellagio 鹿港小镇
South of Worker Stadium West Gate 工体西门
Food Recommended:
1.菠萝油条虾 Shrimps with Fried Bread and Pineapples
2.干煸扁豆 Fried Beans with Pork Mince
3.皮蛋豆腐 Toufu with Black Egg (Started)
4.干炒牛河 Fried Noodles with Beef
5.卤肉饭 Steam Rice with Pork Sauce
7.花生冰沙 Peanut Butter Ice

Zhejiang Food
Zhejiang Cuisine, also known as Zhe Cai, is an important part in Chinese Cuisine. It is composed by the dishes in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing, and has a history over 2,000 years. Zhejiang Cuisine is characterized by delicious, light, crisp and elegant flavor. It is not greasy and gets a high reputation for the ladies who are keeping on a diet. Zhejiang Province is regarded as the homeland of fish and rice. So seafood and fish are an important part of it.

Kong Yiji Restaurant 孔已己酒家
At the west of Shichahai Lake,

Cantonese Food
A huge chunk of Chinese culture is devoted to food and drink. There are hundreds of different dishes, and each region has its own distinctive flavor. All of the really funky dishes you hear about like live monkey brains and raw rat babies are Guangdong (Cantonese) style dishes (yue cai). However, there are lots of excellent, non-scary Guangdong dishes - the seafood being especially tasty. The cost of tasting Cantonese Cuisine is a little high.

Jin ding xuan金鼎轩酒楼
North of the Yonghe Lamasery.

Ri Chang Dim Sum 日昌酒家
South of the Lotus Lane, Shichahai Lake.

Imperial official cuisine
Imperial official cuisine is particular to Beijing. In the past, Beijing officials were all very picky about what type of food they ate. The most famous type of Official food is Tan Family Food, available in the Beijing Hotel. This is the preferred food of the Qing Dynasty (1644 -1911) official Tan Zongling, and was later introduced into restaurants. Another type of food is described in the classic novel, Dream of Red Mansions. The author, Cao Xueqin, described a number of dishes in the book and now there are several restaurants that serve this style of dish.

Dazhaimen 北京大宅门(首体店)
Near the Zoo.

Purple Haze 紫苏庭
Inside an unnamed Hutong directly opposite Worker's Stadium North Gate, behind ICBC Bank

Korean BBQ
Sanqianli Hepingmen restaurant 三千里和平门店
East the Hepingmen Apartments.

Middle Eastern
1001 Nights 一千零一夜
3-4 Gongti North St. Opposite the Zhaolong Hotel.

Chingari 鑫格里
4/F, 27 Dongzhimenwai St.,above the Pizza Hut.

18 Sanlitun Beilu St., inside the Hutong next to 44 Bar.

Vegetarian 素食
West of Chongwenmen Apartments, 58 Qianmendong St.

Lotus Lane 荷花市场
All the street are full of the restaurant and bars.

Located at Shichahai Lake.什刹海荷花市场

Hai Bar 海吧
The food and drinks are so so, but it has great view of Lake and Towers from the roof balcony.
Tobacco Pipe Street (Yan Dai Xie Jie), Shichhai Lake. 烟袋斜街。

Xiao Xin’s Café 小新的店
Nice Breakfast and drinks, homey and cute place, located in the most popular Hutong—Nanluoguxiang. East of the Shichahai Lake.

103 Nanluoguxiang Hutong. 南锣鼓巷103号.

Pass By Bar过客
Italian bar and restaurant, Located at Nanluoguxiang too.

Nanluoguxiang Hutong. 南锣鼓巷

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