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Mobile Phone Setup and Phone Rental Services
Rent a Phone/SIM card for your trip to China and enjoy the convenience and security of a cell phone while avoiding the high cost of roaming with a USA / Europe / Asia number. offers cellular Phone / SIM card rentals for China and unlike traditional cell phone rental options where you pay expensive per-minute usage rates for all calls; our solution allows you to take advantage of the low rates that the local residents of China are paying, regardless of the length of your trip. These rates are extremely advantageous like FREE incoming calls ... You Phone / SIM card are linked to a prepaid account so that you will never receive a phone bill and will always be in complete control of your expenditures. Once you call customer service to arrange for automatic "top-ups", you will enjoy a very convenient prepaid system.

Mobile/Cellular Operators in China
China Mobile has the largest mobile phone network in China boasting the biggest subscriber user base in the world. Setting up your GSM enabled mobile phone on the China Mobile network is as easy as 1-2-3. You will get a SIM card for the phone and 10 RMB dollars prepaid to the phone for your initial use.

China Unicom is the second largest mobile phone network in China. We can arrange service with this mobile provider if requested however we do support use of China Mobile.

If you already have a GSM enabled mobile phone: Setup and costs of the SIM card and prepaid service is 150 RMB (with a 10 RMB refund for the SIM card)
If you need to rent a mobile phone with GSM service, click the link below to contact us directly.

Let us set-up your Mobile Phone today

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