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Here at, we offer affordable Tour Guide and Translator services.

It can be inconvenient and incredibly daunting trying to explore the city and country without a personal Tour Guide. Our friendly staff can help make your trip the most fun and pleasant it can be so you can explore with confidence without the hassles of everyday miscommunication.

Let us arrange a friendly Tour Guide for you today.

We offers more than 50 languages, the language in 30 industries and businesses covering 95 countries and regions.
Translation of some normal documents such as projection report, projection manual, advertisement lyrics, letters, internet document, and personal information).price quote as the follows. Some special translation document like academic thesis, bidding report, and science report ,the appropriately increasing of the price will be based on the price standard from normal document translation.

Payment method
Payoff for normal document translation,50% deposite for a great deal articles.

Project (No.) Item Amount Item Amount
translation English to Chinese 100Yuan/1000words Chinese to English 150Yuan/1000words
  Japanese to Chinese 120Yuan/1000words Chinese to Japanese 160Yuan/1000words
French to Chinese 120Yuan/1000words Chinese to French 170Yuan/1000words
German 120Yuan/1000words Chinese to Germany 170Yuan/1000words
Korean to Chinese 120Yuan/1000words Chinese to Korean 160Yuan/1000words
Russian to Chinese 140Yuan/1000words Chinese to Russian 170Yuan/1000words
Spanish to Chinese 180Yuan/1000words Chinese to Spanish 220Yuan/1000words
Portugese to Chinese 200Yuan/1000words Chinese to Portugese 250Yuan/1000words
Italian to Chinese 200Yuan/1000words
Chinese to Italian 250Yuan/1000words
Arabic to Chinese 220Yuan/1000words Chinese to Arabic 260Yuan/1000words
others to Chinese 250Yuan/1000words Chinese to others 280Yuan/1000words
Interpretation normal interpretation(Accompanying translation interpretation) 300-600Yuan/one person /one day    
  Consecutive interpretation
(scholar exchanges,trade negotiations and instructor)
1000-1500Yuan/one person/one day
Simutanience interpretation 3800-4500Yuan/one person/one day
exhibition interpretation 300-500Yuan/one person/one day
Audio-visual translation word 50-100Yuan/ minite    
  Image Synthesis 120-250Yuan/minite
Mult-Media locolization 200-500Yuan/minite    

Translation words calculation method
1. Word calculation: Calculated according to state unified standard.
2. Diagram calculation: diagram, illustration, sample part will be calculated according to standard document with full page printed.
3. Minority languages: other languages except English, French, German, Japanese, and Russia.
4. The language exchanges: calculated based on Chinese, Each Latin word will be multiplied by 2.
5. Daily translation quantity: 5000 for standard translation words from the 2nd day of translation assignment was asked.
6. Expedited charges: Normal document accomplished date divide delivery date from the customer and multiply each unit price
7. Deposit charges: 50% deposit on estimation of number of words. Precision words will be calculated after translation.
8. Notice: Please careful read translation notice of the company before asking for service.
9. Deferent price consideration: Quantity, professional, difficulty, time limited, document industrial field of document related, translation document for publication etc.
Welcome to call us if you have any other questions.

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